Headquartered in Singapore with a growing footprint in South East Asia, Imagene Labs is Asia's leading genetics-driven wellness company. We aim to empower consumers to access and understand their genetic blueprint in a non-invasive way, and take actionable steps to make informed choices and improve quality of life.

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Your DNA is unique to you. We make understanding it easy. We use your own genetic code to develop customized solutions for your fitness, skincare, and nutrition needs.


Personal Genomics Revolution comes to Southeast Asia

LifeNome and Imagene Labs partner to bring personal genomic trait information to millions of consumers, empowering them to make better wellness decisions.

Imagene, LifeNome Partner to Offer Genomic Wellness Services in SE Asia

Imagene Labs and LifeNome announced today that they have formed a partnership to develop and market personalized genomic wellness services in Southeast Asia.

Humans and Robots are Invited to Participate in Beauty.AI 2.0 Contest

Building on the success of Beauty.AI 1.0, where thousands of human participants were ranked by a jury of algorithms, Beauty.AI 2.0, the second bi-annual contest, is now open for both human and algorithmic participants.


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